Groepsreis studenten Ichthus College Kampen in Tinkong

19 studenten en hun begeleiders verkennen The Orange Village

Groepsreis studenten Ichthus College Kampen in Tinkong
zondag, 27 oktober 2019

At around 8:30am, which was the scheduled time for the students to meet their supervisors at the Orange Village, most of the students were already there and a few minutes after, the rest of them came. At 9am a tour of the Orange Village was organized for the students and their supervisors.
First they were taken around the computer school which is almost finished and then they went to the clinic to learn about the various departments and meet the staff who were on duty at the time.foto3
They also wanted to see Mortuary so they were taken there to meet the staff and a tour of the facility was also done for them.After the tour of the Orange Village, the students with their supervisors and cordinating team agreed to take all the students round the various host families so they can meet them and also know where their colleagues are staying.
Each host family was visited and most of them were home so the students took pictures with their designated hosts.
After the tour of host houses, the volunteers then picked Trotro in batches of 3 to Koforidua.
Whiles in Koforidua, they were taken to the forex to know where they can change money, the post office, the big square and then they were taken to go and have lunch. Most of the students like white rice and waakye which they called brown rice.
After eating the students were given 30 minutes to go round the town all by themselves as reconvene at a designated spot which was adhered to. When everyone was finally reconvened after the 30 minutes, some came back with watched that they bought themselves, bags and hats, others bought biscuits and drinks. foto4
They were then taken to pick Trotro back to Tinkong and then to the Live Now House.