Health care in Tinkong - working in the Live Now Clinic

Come and work in the beautiful day care clinic in Tinkong

LIVE NOW Clinic: HET showpiece of the GOGHANA PROJECT ORGANISAtion

The health care projects of GoGhana / Live Now Foundation are based in the Live Now Clinic for day care. It's about all kinds of work inside the clinic and also about lots of possibilities for medical outreacht campaigns for the community of Tinkong and also surrounding communities. Medical outreach is all about education and prevention. Lots of lack of health is related to behaviour. 

On other pages on this website there is lots of information about the Live Now Clinic. It really is the showpiece of the GoGhana project organisation. Diffferent employees and disciplines introduce themselves on the website to upcoming volunteers and interns. In the Live Now Clinic, opened in 2013, we provide direct healt care and medical assistance to the people of Tinkong and surroundings. Even up to Koforidua-town.

We believe that the improvement of the health care for the population, and by that the health of the people, will bring a significant contribution to the development of this region in South-Ghana. 

Project 1 - Working in the Live Now Clinic

GoGhana / Live Now Foundation would like to invite you to come to Tinkong to work as a volunteer or intern to bring a contribution to our aims and future goals. An experience as volunteer or intern will also be great for your own development and by that for your own career in health care.

In the clinice we have doctors, nurses, health assistants, medical laborants and pharmacists. We have placements for interested volunteers with all kinds of backgrounds, qualifications and experience. 

Project 2 – Medical outreach

The development of plans (and also the implementation of these plans) for medical outreach project activities in and around Tinkong. Or: participating in already developed concepts of medical outreach programs. It's about advice about mother and child care, nutrition, family planning, hygiene, malaria and HIV/aids. 
You work together with the employees of small public health posts and of Live Now Clinic.
There is lots of information at hand, so you don't need to have all the knowlegde beforehand. 

Of course it's also possible to combine both projects.