Farming projects at Live Now Foundation

Project 5 – Farmind project – Gari-production
Live now Foundation owns some plots of farming land, on which corn and cassave is cultivated. The Live Now farming land is being used to create jobs for people in Tinkong. The plot is 15 hectares big and right now it contains cassave. This cassave is being processed into 'gari', a typical Ghanian food. 


The project has daily work for about 10 people and about 15 in sowing and harvesting times. There is some marginal profits right now. The bills can be paid and the work continues. 
Gari is al meal basis for much Ghanians and other people in West-Africa. You can combine it with many vegetables and other foods. Even international the use of gari is growing. 
The gari market is a very competive one. Supply and demand controle daily prices on the market. Gari mostly is produced in relatively small amouts by farmers and sold on the village markets. 

This Live Now project offers possibilities for volunteers and interns as a learning and experience placement. Especially for students on the field of tropical farming this good be very useful. But also about market en business development there is good work to do. Interaction between experts from Europe and farmers in Ghana offers great possibility for enrichtment on both sides and mutal development. 

Project 6 – Gardening on the Live Now Foundation plot
The plot on which the Live Now buildings ar built, the guesthouse, the clinic, the mortuary, and later on also the school, is 5 hectares big and we need to have a plan to arrange and furnish in the best thinkable way. This also needs lots of gardening. It has be become a very attractive area. 

Live Now Foundation would like to use experise from professionals, hobby gardeners and students to help make the Live Now area to be as usefull and beautiful as can be.