Support at schools and organize events for children in Tinkong

Work at one of the schools in Tinkong

Project 3 - Education assistance at the Tinkong schools

At GoGhana we aim at the improvement of the level of education by giving the local teachers a helping hand from volunteers and interns. We have six schools in Tinkong, some of which are rather underequiped. 
There are many ways this collaboration with volunteers and students can work out. Children hardly get any personal, individual attention from the teachers in the schools. On the one hand it's not their focus, on the other hand there are just not enough teachers. So giving some extra after school lessons and some focus individual aspects of the children can really do good. 

But please mark that it can NEVER be the case that volunteers replace to local teachers! 
It is not necessary to be able to speak the local language (called 'twi'), because even on primary school the children are supposed to learn to speak Engish. On secondary school it's even the used language at school.

We are open to all kinds over volunteers. Whether you want to spend a whole year, or your do an internship voor your own education of you take a break from your job. Everything is possible. Of course, you have to be able to speak English on a moderate level. Especially the improvement of abilities to speak and write in Englisch is a big thing for Ghanian childeren.  

Project 4 - Organize sports activities

In the village of Tinkong there is a big football field just next to two schools. Especially football is immesely popular in Ghana. You can always find boys and girls on the sports field. At the same time relatively less attentions is paid to organized sports activitities.

You could organize sports activities from one school but also organize interscholar events and tournaments, like a Tinkong village football tournament. But you can also think of much different sport activities. The teachers would love to work together with volunteers on this behalf. 

Of course it's also possible to combine these types of projects. 

The schools of Tinkong
Tinkong counts 6 different schools. Five of them are primary schools, one has got primary and the first classes of secondary school, called 'Junior High School', and one is just a Junior High School. All schools welcome the contribution of volunteers and interns. 
Clicks these links to get to know more about the Tinkong schools.

Risks while working with children as a volunteer
GoGhana would love to give volunteers and interns from Holland and other countries to work at the schools in Tinkong. It is really a beautiful place to live and work for some time in your life, buld up experiences that you would otherwise never get and to get to know so many different people.  

But GoGhana also recognizes the risks when (young) volunteers from abroad come and work with the children in Africa. The intercultural aspects, differences and all possible misunderstandings can play a major role. It is very important to have enough understanding of the situation that you are gonna be into. 
Therefor we focus on extremely good preparations before starting your project. All Duch and Belgian volunteers participate in a weekend of preparations in Holland. When people cannot participate in this weekend, or are not able to speak Dutch we will organize an extensive introduction on an individual basis. 

This way al volunteers have all the information that is needed to know enough about your own role in the Africa context. Think of attachment problems: African children attaching to volunteers that come and go. This is especially and issue in childrens homes and orphanages. This is also why we don't work with organisations like that.
But it could also count for schools. We would like to focus an the principle that volunteers are only added value to the normal situation. School can never be dependant on the collaboration with volunteers. 

GoGhana endorses the guidelines of the Better Care Network.