Prices for volunteers on projects in Tinkong

GoGhana / Live Now Foundation collaborates with Ontmoet Afrika organisation ("Meet Africa") building arrangements for volunteers and interns. 
The costs for participating on a project at Live Now Foundation in Ghana consists of two seperate parts.

First: the things that you have to arrange yourself:

  • Flight ticket: about €500 to €1000, depending on the moment of booking (how far from your supposed day of flight) and your personal wishes. KLM flies directly from Holland (Schiphol) to Accra, but in most cases is a little more expensive than other international flight companies. 
  • Medical travelers advice. Count on about €200 at once and about €25 per maand for weekly malaria tablets.
  • Insurances. Count on about €35 per month, but also check your current insurances.
  • Visa: about €60 until 2 months, afterwardds around €20 per month.

Second: the things that you have to pay to Ontmoet Afrika, the organisation that we collaborate with building volunteer arrangement and to prepare volunteers the best way:

  • Project fee in Holland: €395. Including is this amount is the introduction weekend in Holland that bring you all the information needed to prepare you in the best way for your upcoming adventure. But also all communication and arrangement building before you leave is included in the project fee.. 
  • Accommodation and food during your stay in Tinkong, either in the volunteers home or in a home stay in the village. The amout is €20 per day. In the amount also some contribution to the Live Now project is included.
  • Pickup-service from the international airport in Accra: €35. 
  • When you are a nurse of a doctor, there is a chance that you also have to pay the Ghanian "Nurses & Midwives Counci" to get a permit to work in the clinic. The amount could add up to about €150.