Conditions  for volunteers and interns of GOGHANA / Live now Foundation

  • GoGhana collaborates with the Ontmoet Afrika organisation in Holland. The conditions mentioned here are exactly the conditions Ontmoet Afrika uses for all other project partners in Ghana and other countries. 
  • The participant must be at least 19 years old at the time of departure.
  • The participant must be healthy, both physically and mentally.
  • GoGhana / Ontmoet Afrika expects you to write a motivation letter and send a cv.
  • The registration form must be in possession of Ontmoet Afrika / GoGhana at least 2 months before your scheduled departure. This registration form can only be filled in and signed after a personal consultation with Lianne van Rijssel and only if the implications of your stay are sufficiently clear.
  • Up to the point of our final confirmation of your participation, after you have handed in the registration form, you cannot claim participation and/or addresses for host family and voluntary work.
  • After confirmation by Ontmoet Afrika, the participant is obliged to pay the total fee within a fortnight, as stated in the letter of confirmation.
  • If you want to travel, we recommend to do this at the end of your stay in Africa. Costs for board, lodging and support are paid for the period you are at the project as stated in the registration form. If you travel within these period, no refund of the amount paid will be made.
  • If changes are made in the plans on account of the participant’s dissatisfaction, illness, etc., and if these changes result in the cancelling of the use of the host family and/or support in Africa, there will be no refund of the amount paid. However, we will do our utmost to solve problems by attempting to find another host family and/or place for voluntary work, if possible.
  • In case the participant cannot work at the voluntary place promised, due to circumstances beyond their control, another place will be looked for in consultation with the participant.
  • At a reasonable fee the participant can be collected from the airport, get lodgings in a shared room for one or two nights, and meals during the day you spend in Accra. You must also pass on your flight information by email or by post to Ontmoet Afrika at least 6 weeks before your date of arrival. Should your flight be postponed, you should immediately inform Ontmoet Afrika so that we can pass on this information to the person who is going to meet you at the airport.
  • We would like to recommend you not to donate and/or promise large amounts of money and/or materials (at values higher than €100) to individual persons or institutions without the involvement of the partnerorganization. The reason for this is that this would disrupt the social relationships within the local community. This may result in envy, conflicts and the confirmation of the idea that white people are always rich and donate large sums of money, so that future volunteers are constantly confronted with requests for money and/or goods. However, donations to the partnerorganisation or other NGO’s are greatly appreciated. Please do this in a modest way, so that the local people you know cannot become angry or jealous. Of coarse you can also donate to other development projects, elsewhere in Africa.
  • You are obliged to send a work report by email to GoGhana and Ontmoet Afrika in Holland and to send this before the end of your voluntary work in Africa.
  • Refund of the costs in case of cancellation by the participant takes place according to the following conditions: cancellation up to 2 months before departure: refund 50%. Cancellation within 2 months before departure: refund 0 %.
  • Ontmoet Afrika will do everything within its power to ensure that the participant has a good stay in Ghana, but under no circumstances can Ontmoet Afrika or GoGhana be held responsible for inconveniences during the participant’s stay in Africa. The participant himself or herself is entirely responsible for the success of his/her stay in Africa. Ontmoet Afrika will under no circumstances accept responsibility in case there are unexpected problems such as illness, theft, accidents, conflicts with the host family or at the place for voluntary work. However, of course we will do everything in our power to assist the participant.

Complete cancellation of participation on the part of “Meet Africa” – which can only take place in exceptional cases – will result in the refund to the participant of the complete amount paid for participation.