Tinkong Methodist Primary

Felicia wants her school to be the best in Tinkong

Head Methodist School Felicia Amo Boahemaa TINKONG METHODIST PRIMARY

The Methodist Primary School was founded in 1982. There are about 220 children and 18 teachers. The school consists of an elongated stone building with a big football field on the side. The headteacher is Felicia Amo-Boahemaa (55).

Feliciat tells: "My work has widened my horizon immensely and has given me much knowledge on all aspects of life. Above all it has given me the chance to help children find a better place in society. Everyhting teachers kan bring to the children to help them improve their lives and to face society later in life: that's what it's all about!" 

Felicia is very proud of the relatively high level of education at her school and wants her school really to be the best in the region.  

Voor de inzet van vrijwilligers/stagiairs wil ze graag mikken op ICT-onderwijs. De middelen ontbreken echter vooralsnog.