Tinkong M/A Junior High School

We can just learn from people from the west, because they think different


M/A stands for 'municipal authority'. So it means this is a government school, not linked to one of the many churches in Tinkong. The school started in the early 60's and this is the only Junior High School in Tinkong, at least the only one that has only JHS. 

The staff consists of 15 teachers and alltogether 160 children. Head of the school is Justice K. Atitso. He's been working here of already 29 years, is married and has 5 children. 

This school has some laptops and children get some computer classes as well, although it's still quite marginal. The school is in need of a library and more learning resources, especially IT-related. The big goal of Justice is that all children continue to Senior High School after having their JHS-diploma. This is still not common, although it should be. 

Students can profit hugely from some extra attention on individual basis. Assistance on education on the fields of IT, creativity and maths is highly wanted. Mr. Atitso emphasizes, that an important goal is also lying in the intercultural dimension of collaboration with students and volunteers from western countries. 'We can also just learn from people from the west, because they think different.'