• Albert van Beek
  • Albert van Beek

    Albert van Beek

    Albert van Beek lives in The Netherlands. In 2009 he volunteered in Ghana. During these two months he learned there is much more needed than a helping hand from a volunteer. His first contribution was to help financing a shelter home for children in Tinkong.

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Albert van Beek

Founder of Live Now Foundation in Tinkong

"It is my dream to share all developments and projects, started and hosted by Live Now Foundation, with as much people from Holland and Europe as is possible. People in Tinkong and in Holland en Europe do have so much to share and gain working and communicated with each other."

During an enerving time volunteering in Ghana about 10 years ago I created my plan to build a clinic in Ghana. About two years later we started building our own house on a 6 hectare big peace of land that we bought from the community.
In 2010 we started building the clinic and in 2013 we finally could open it.

On our land in Tinkong we have got more room for different kinds of projets. Most recently, last year, we opened our private mortuary.

About two every year I spend a couple of weeks in Ghana at het Live Now projects to keep a good feeling and involvement in the projects and, of course, to tune with my local manager, Henry Dekyem.

This year we hope to start with our next project: to build a school for vocational education and training. A school like this is highly wanted by the community and also the national ministry of social affairs in Ghana.
Our aim is to build 5 school blocks with 10 class rooms. Apart from this, we want to help the children in Tinkong from their first school years up untill their are independent and fit to stand on their own feet. So we work together with all school in Tinkong.