Mortuary in Tinkong

The rites of passage from birth through adolescence to death are a very important part of the varying Ghanaian cultures. The body of the departed before burial is treated with much respect. It is very important how and where it is kept. For such reasons, living relatives go an extra mile to make sure the best of conditions and services are given to the bodies of their departed. It is for such reasons, that Live Now Foundation decided to setup the mortuary project in order to help alleviate the stress the people within and around the Tinkong-Apau community considering the location of the closest mortuary facilities. It was not only stressful having to travel long distances to  get access to them but it was also costly.

The Mortuary project aside the reasons mentioned above for the setup, is also a venture meant to create employment and improve the livelihood of the people.

Construction for the project started in July 2015 and ended in August 2016. All through the construction process, employment was created for some 22 to 30 artisans and laborers.

Operation officially started on the 20th of August which was crowned by a durbar at the premises attended by chiefs and other stakeholders within the area after all registrations with various regulatory bodies such as the EPA amongst others had been satisfied.

The Live Now Mortuary offers the best of services and is very affordable compared to the others. It offers general services as embalmment, ultra modern cool cell admissions for corpses and hearse transportation. The hearse can be hired by all.

Because of the quality of the services the Live Now Mortuary provides we have people coming from as far as Akropong and even the Greater Accra Region. Our hearse also run to other regions.

After six months of operation, the facility has served about 81 different families. There have been several instances where families have transferred their bodies from other facilities to the Live Now Mortuary but the reverse has never happened.

We seek to maintain and then improve the standard we have set for ourselves, look into other ways of uncompromised quality and affordable services. Already the management of the facility is through special management software that keeps records of all activities.

We believe the facility is strategically positioned to serve across the Eastern, Volta and Greater Accra regions and that is what we are aiming at achieving.

Revenue from the morgue goes into its upkeep and the rest goes into keeping other Live Now Foundation projects running as well as setting up new projects all in the quest of improving the livelihood of the people of Tinkong and further.