Future projects

Live Now Foundation: planned developmenst in the future

Vocational School ("Learn now")

For most children in Ghana school life ends after primary school. The educational level on the primary schools is very low. 
A little more prosperity for the future starts with good education. The children of Tinkong and the surrounding villages get more chances for future improvement when they have a chance to have a good vocational education. 

GoGhana / Live Now Foundation plans to start his own school for vocational education to offer the possibility for Tinkong children to get the capacities to start their own business. 
The local, regional and central government is strongly stimulating these developments

The building of this school has started in 2017. The school will be built on the 5 hectares big plot of Live Now Foundation, just a little south of Tinkong village. In 2019 we hope to complete the building process.