Assist at the Tinkong schools

Assist teachers and organize activities at the Tinkong schools

Tinkong (5000 inhabitants) has 7 different schools. Every school represents another church. You have lots of churches in all towns and villages in most subsaharan Africa: the Muslims have their mosque, but Christians have all kinds of different denominations: Assemblies of God, Seventh Day Adventist, baptist, Roman-Catholic, Methodist, Presbyteria, etc. 
In Africa the basics of education are very different from the western ideas. Even bodily punishments are still quite common. Children hardly get any personal attention or guidance. A focus on the development of creativity is not present at all. 
Already at primary school the children get English classes. So foreign volunteers can easily contribute to Ghanian education by helping out on topics that are lacking. 
In many cases all over Africa (and also other development countries) volunteers and interns are being misused by taking over the tasks of the regular teachers, mostly even without knowing they do so. That is a highly undesirable situation GoGhana will never allow to happen. GoGhana volunteers will always work together in a mutual prosperous situation, learning from eachother. 

Ook wordt gezorgd voor goed beschikbare begeleiding door enerzijds vertegenwoordigers van de school waar je werkt of stage loopt zelf en anderzijds door de GoGhana-coördinator in Tinkong.
We introduce the Tinkong schools on this website, so you can get some insight in your possible working places in Tinkong.