Live Now - Farms projects

Farms projects of the Live Now Foundation

The entire plot on which GoGhana has built his project buildings is about 5 hectare big. On the rears end there is a part on which banana trees are growing. Apart from this GoGhana owns some other plots of farmland on which corn and cassave is grown. The main farm project of GoGhana now is the Gare Production project. 

GoGhana - Gari production project 

The Live Now farms project is another job creation initiative meant to improve the livelihood of the people in and around Tinkong. The farm is a 15 acre land that is currently used to grow cassava for gari. The Project has 10 permanent workers and occasionally employs 10 to 15 more people as casual workers. The project makes minimal profit used to support the upkeep of the project and also pay the workers.

Gari is one of the commonest foods in Ghana and West Africa as a whole due to its multiplicity of use. It is gradually gaining a foothold in the international food market. It is a granular food product produced by grating cassava toots into mash, fermenting and de-watering the mash into wet cake and rosting the wet material into gelatinized particles. Gari could be white or cream depending on the type of cassava used and the processing method adopted. The particles sizes may also vary from 0.6 to 1.1 mm depending on the method of production and the preferences of the targeted consumers.

The gari market is competitive, sellers and buyers cannot unilaterally impose prices on the market. In major gari producing areas, gari is produced by numerous smallholder units which sell gari essentially in village markets.

Gari productie processchemaQuality Management systems are used to manage the process and activities that transform inputs or raw materials into a product, such as gari, which meets the processors’ objectives while satisfying the customer’s quality requirements, complying with regulations, and meeting environmental and public health objectives.

Considering the process that the production of gari goes through with reference to the flow chart , the Live Now farm project is also used as a volunteer placement center where volunteers are sent to learn and practice the production of an essential food commodity such as gari. This is meant to create more interaction between the people and our volunteers, give our volunteers and opportunity to learn and practice an important skill within the Ghanaian village setting.