Birthday surprises for Clifford and Caroline

Staff of Live Now Clinic gets together to celibrate

Verjaardagsverrassingen voor Clifford en Caroline
Tuesday, 19 March 2019

On the 14th and 15th of March were the birthdays of Caroline Gamera one of our nurses and King Clifford one of our Doctors. Caroline has been with us since the start of the clinic and she turned 50 years this year. She has been very hard-working and valuable member of the Live Now Hospital as well as Clifford our Doctor who has been with us for 2 years.

The foundation decided to surprise them by making a cake for Caroline for her golden jubilee as she turned 50 to celebrate and appreciate her also both of them got other presents. The rest of the staff had this to say to them and about what Live Now did for the birthday celebrants.Foto2

Celestine: "It's was a huge surprise for us all and we are happy for our sister caro. God bless her and happy birthday."

Caroline: "I want to say a very big surprise and a wonderful day for live now to do this for me. I didn't see it coming. Thank you and God bless you so much. I'm happy to be working here for 5 years."

Clifford: "It's been great working with Live Now. The workers are a family and I love it here. Today I didn't see it coming. It was a great surprise to me. It's a very nice and wonderful experience. I'm grateful to the management for appreciating us. Thank you for the gift, I didn't see that coming too. Thank you."

Rosemary: "Happy birthday to Auntie Caro on her 50th birthday and Clifford. Today has been fun with all the surprises. We wish them all the best."

Foto3Jerry: "God bless all the birthday celebrants. Happy birthday to them. This is very inspiring for the rest of us to continue to work hard. We will be looking forward to our own surprises in the course of the year. But all in all we thank Live Now for always appreciating us."

Tanko: "We thank Live Now for doing something this nice for the celebrants. I wish them all the best and a wonderful life."