Live Now IT Centre is almost ready!

Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions is contructing the network

Live Now IT Centrum is bijna klaar!
Monday, 07 October 2019

Live Now Foundation in collaboration with Maxim Nyansa IT solutions Foundation are working on providing the people of Tinkong with top of the notch IT training.

Maxim Nyansa is an IT solutions company that gives IT training but also have the strength of an NGO and we are a foundation raising funds and mobilizing volunteers to train underprivileged young Africans.

In this collaboration, Live Now Foundation is setting up an IT center in Tinkong which is almost finished, Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation comes in with IT equipments such as computers and Smartboards to facilitate the mission of the IT Center.Foto1

They will also give training to some of the staff of Live Now Foundation as well as teachers from various schools in Tinkong in order to facilitate the teaching the use of the Smartboards and the teaching of IT by the teachers in the schools and facilitators at the Live Now Foundation / GoGhana IT center.

Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation brought their technicians to work on the fixing of networking cables and also worked along side electricians to fix power cables amongst other things to get the center ready for business.

Work is still on going to finalize the center for operation.