Five day workshop for teachers in Live Now IT Center

Basic course computer use for 16 teachers in Tinkong

Live Now IT Centrum gestart met 5-daagse workshop voor leerkrachten

In continuance with GoGhana / Live Now foundation’s efforts to provide the ICT education to the people of Tinkong and its environs, as a start to the delivery of that service, the foundation in collaboration with Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation, put together a 5 day ICT training workshop; from 13th January 2020 to 17th January 2020 for some of the staff of GoGhana / Live Now Foundation and also 16 teachers from 8 schools in and around Tinkong. Foto34

Each school presented 2 teachers to be trained in basic software and hardware computer knowledge, how to use the various components of the Office suite, Word processing, Power point, Excel and how to use the computer to perform simple tasks such as preparing continuous assessment sheets.

The participants were also taken through the use of the smart board in teaching and digitizing the way they teach. How to use the internet to search and research information as well as using it safely to avoid hack or malware.
The main purpose of the workshop was to set the teachers and facilitators of the ICT center up with the requisite information and on hands skills to be able to run the center efficiently and effectively.

With GoGhana working closely with the schools and their teachers, a schedule has been drawn where each school will have access to the center so they can teach them and have practical experience in computing.Foto44

At the end of the workshop, the participants were given certificates to confirm their participation and were entreated to pass on the knowledge they had come to gather on to their colleagues and students.