Live Now moving forward in corona times

No school still, but morgue extension has been realized

Live Now Foundation in ontwikkeling in corona-tijd
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Ghana for most part has made significant strides in managing the corona virus pandemic. From 25 persons per gathering to 200 and regular seating on public transports. This are gradually returning to normalcy but it’s still a new kind of normal as people are still advised to wear masks in areas where social distancing is inevitable.

Students are gradually returning to school in batches. Ones schools are fully back in operation; most likely next year, the ICT center will be opened to the schools again.


The gradual return to normal and easing of social restrictions on gatherings have meant people going back to holding funerals as they used to do before and so activities at the mortuary has begun to pick up.

That said, the expansion of the mortuary that started early this year is complete even though finishing touches such as landscaping are still on going. The expansion was done to be able to accommodate the growing patronage of the facility.

Things have been slow but at least as a country we are gradually moving forward and that equally applies to Live Now Foundation.