Live Now Hospital organises medcal outreach event

How to tell about our services to the people in the environment?

Live Now Clinic organiseert 'medical outreach'
Sunday, 21 April 2019

The hospital embarked on an outreach this morning (20th March 2019) at one of the villages called Timber Nkwanta.
A team of 3 persons engaged about 30 residents of the village.

They were educated on some healthy living practices, the health systems and understanding how the NHIA works.
The team took the time to check the blood pressure of some other the people, their weight and also others were tested for hepatitis B.Also the community was told about the start of our maternity services. They were told about how to access the services, what was expected of them when they visit the facility and also what to expect. Foto4
They were very happy and interactive as they had the chance to ask questions which the team expertly answered. They were encouraged to visit the facility when they are sick and also if they have questions concerning their health and any other issue related to our services.