Building of Live Now's IT center is proceeding

Better opportunities for education in Tinkong

Informatietechnologiecentrum van Live Now komt van de grond
Tuesday, 05 March 2019

The Live Now Foundation school project is still on going as planned. The 5 classroom block with Offices and store room being built to serve the people and schools in Tinkong as an Information and Technology ( IT ) center.

Since the schools in Tinkong even though teach and study IT or Computer as popular known here in Ghana but do not have the computers for the children to have practical turion, the Foundation thought it wise to set up a center where the children will be able to have access to computers and teachers can teach them and practice with them.
The project is currently at the lentil level and work is still on going. Hopefully the project will be finished soon.Foto3

This is a bid to help increase computer literacy amongst the people since computers have become an integral part of our lives these days.