Free medical screening at Live Now Clinic

Fruitful cooperation with Focus Life Foundation

Gratis medische screening bij Live Now Kliniek
Monday, 30 September 2019

On Wednesday 25th of September 2019, Live Now Clinic in collaboration with Focus Life Foundation, also an NGO with an aim of helping the less privileged put together a free medical screening for the people of Tinkong and it's environs which was held at the parking space in front Live Now Clinic.

Focus Life Foundation sponsored some of the items to be used for the screening such as (spirit, cotton, gloves, glucose strips, hepatitis B strips, malaria test cards and some antimalarial medicines) and Live Now Clinic supporting with medical staff, furniture, the test machines for some of the tests such as the glucose tests, scales and Blood pressure machine.

After weeks of announcements and meetings on the day, some of the residents of Tinkong showed up as early as 6am for the screening.Foto1

The project started with a health talk on personal hygiene, diabetes and it's related complications and how to take care of yourself in order to prevent it and if you already have it, how to manage it.

After that, the screening itself started at around 9am with people being screened for Glucose or sugar levels (FBS/RBS), Hepatitis B, Syphilis and Malaria parasites, weight and blood pressure.

In Total, about 28 people participated in the screening which ended at 2 pm.

Those who tested positive for any of the tests was given advise to see the Doctor at Live Now Clinic for treatment for which some did.

Focus Life Foundation also brought a few antimalarial drugs that were given to those who tested positive for malaria.

All in all, the medical screening went well with participants from both teams happy with the outcome. Hopefully the two teams can get together to organize more programs like this in the future.