Community visit by Nana Kwadwo Siaw I

The owner of Live Now Foundation talks with the Tinkong people

De Chief of Development van Tinkong op community visit

On the Sunday 2nd of June, Nana Kwadwo Siaw I (Albert van Beek) as part of his usual yearly visit to Tinkong combed through the village with the country director of live Now / GoGhana Foundation; Henry Dekyem. This was to interact with the people to get feedback on the impact of the projects they have been undertaking is having on the people.

The people were elated to see Nana and their feedback was that they are happy with the projects that have been in place so far; as the clinic and morgue serves them very well. They are also happy about the construction of the school.Foto1

As part of the rounds, they went to take a look at the only football pitch in Tinkong. This pitch Nana Kwadwo Siaw I already has plans in advance to develop into an ultra-modern professional football pitch with fan seats, washrooms and many more facilities every ultra-modern field should have, this way they can keep organizing community football matches.

Also on their walk, they looked at the water supply issues in Tinkong; looking at the boreholes around the field especially to see if the construction would not affect them and also if there are possibilities for other boreholes around the village.

The people of Tinkong are predominantly farmers and so there are lots of farms around, so on their walk they came across an entrepreneur who makes palm oil for a living. Palm oil is made for palm fruits. In Tinkong, It goes through a local process to get the oil from the fruit. A lot of Ghanaian dishes are prepared with this oil and it can be used for soap too. This man does this to feed his family of six, they live off this small palm oil making business.Foto2

This encouraged Nana to want to do more to help people like these who are working hard on such small scale businesses in order to fend for themselves and their families.