Lord International School

A school especially for poor family children from Tinkong's outskirts

Lords International School teacherLORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

Lord International School is a private school, founded by the 35 year old John Akisri. This school is badly equiped, is great need of better furnitures and better buildings. The school is especially aiming at poor families in the outskirts of Tinkong. There are only 6 teachers on 250 children!

John Akisri mentions there is great need for new learning instruments and methods. He thinks volunteers good do great work here, because there is a lack of everything. Much of the classes are held outside, in the open air. 

Nevertheless John points out there is a focus on the quality of the education. All teachers have their high school diploma's. There is extra attention being paid to sports and the school participates in and interscholar quiz project. John says: the children on this school are inquisitive. They want to learn from people from different backgrounds.