Tinkong Presbytarian Primary & Kindergarten

Our teachers could also learn so much from volunteers from abroad


Tinkong Presbytarian Primary & Kindergarten School has got 240 children and 17 teachers. The Kindergarten has got about 50 children. Evans Ojroi Agijare (37) is the headteacher of the school. Evans tells, he like teachings that much, there is nothing in life much for worth doing than teaching children! The goal is to make good members of society out of all children. Like everywhere in Africa, there is a focus on respect and discipline. 
Evans hope he can achieve also to start JHS (Junior High School) in the near future. 

The school is lacking the right IT-equipments and methods for the children, but also creativity is a main issue, on which volunteers can make a good contribution. He thinks different ways of teaching can widen the perspectives of the local teachers: "we're very interested in cultural exchange! We think we can learn a lot from the people from Europe and maybe they can also learn from us".