Live Now Clinic - the nurses

During the daily shifts there are always two nurses present in Live Now Clinic. Sethina and Beatrice work together or in different shifts. Sethina is 67 years old and spent most of her working life begin midwife. Even now she is looking forward to do this wok again, but that will only happen after Live Now is able to start its own maternity. 

Sethina has got 4 children and 4 grandchildren. She comes from Kumasi and most of her family members still live there, 4 hours drive from Tinkong. One daughter live in Koforidua, some closeby. On her weekly day off she visits her daughter and stays one night over. After all, it is her own house where she lets her daughter live. 
But usually Sethina just stays in Tinkong. She rents a room with another familly

clinic nurse2Sethina also still has her husband. He lives in Kumasi too. Its just because Sethina still loves to go to work, why she's not in Kumasi herself. 

It's already 4 years ago since Henry first met Sethina. He really wanted to have her working in Live Now Clinic, but the clinic still had to be built. Luckily Sethina had the patience to wait until the clinic opened up in 2013. She even gave up her previous job to be able to work here. There hasn't been one second of regrets about this decesion.

clinic nurse3Sethina works 6 days every week and 6 hours per day. Every week there's one day off. You definately wouldn't give her the 67 years just by looking at her. 

In a hospital that she used to work, she has gained lots of experience working together with doctors and nurses from Europe. She really learned a lot from them: "The handle everything just a little different. And their mentality is also different: they work much harder!", Sethina tells. “They don’t like lazy people!”

She thinks there's such a lot of variation in her daily work, that's what she loves a lot. Nevertheless, Sethina misses her midwivery tasks. She is looking forward - “if God wishes” – to be able to be a midwive again in the future.