Live Now Clinic - the 'restaurant'

Half past six in the morning Saffia arrives by trotro at Live Now Clinic. She lives in the village, but still that's one kilometer. And she's got a lot of stuff to carry. A cooling box with water, a big basket with already prepared rice and beans.. And a bowl with all kinds of different trays, including also one with fish. Also the fish has already been prepared at home. 

She installs herself underneath one of the trees in the grass just before the clinic at a little table. Some plastic chairs surround the table. So, this is Saffia's little garden restaurant. 

Saffia is doing good business at the clinic. Breakfasts like we are used to in Europe, that's not really common here. People do eat three meals a day, also in Ghana, but bread is just not one of their favourites, although you can get white bread on many places.
Ghanians like to eat warm, also in the morning. In many cases the meal consists of a big dough ball, made out of cassave or corn. Beside that they eat spicy rice, they call this 'jollof'. Most people do like the jollof and are not that fond of the dough balls. 

clinic restaurant2These dough balls are being eaten with the right hand. (Never eat with your left hand!)

You pick off a peace of the dough ball and stick it in to a sauce with some meat in it. 

For Saffia this is a splendid place to do her own business. The people in the waiting roomm normally have some waiting time te spend. Waiting time is not a problem like it would be in Europe! So they have some time to eat. Sometimes it's even helpful to be able to eat something, so you don't have to take your medicine on an empty stomach. 

If the clinic will get busier in the future, maybe there will be more room for a permanent location for the restaurant: a canteen for personel and patients! Saffia is looking forward to those developments. 

In the afternoon Saffia goes home. She needs her time at home to go the market and to prepare for the food for the next day!