Live Now Clinic - the health assistants

On a moment when there is nog new patient or just when they receive a patient you'll always find the two servicing health assiestants on the big desk on the right side of the waiting room. One chair just right next to the desk. When the patient sits on the chair, the right arm of the patient leans on the desk and the blood pressure can be tested. 
Them call themselves health assistant, but act quite independant. The handle lots of contacts with the patients themselves. They do intakes with the patients, medical checkups, they do blood tests and write reports.
Sometimes patients need a little more care. We have beds in the two ward rooms, for men and for women. When patienst stay longer in our clinic, the health assistants are caring. At all moments two or three health assistants are presents.
Judith and Cynthia are two of the assistants. They work in shifts, either from 7 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, or from 1 in the afternoon untill in the evening. Judith and Cynthia are 26 and 27 years old. Judith still lives with her parents and brothers and sisters in her extended family in Adawso, about 15 minutes drive from Tinkong. 
She comes to Tinkong every day trotro (minibus). During the weekends Judith spends time to finish the last part of her education.In fact: this job is part of her internship. 

clinic wachtruimte tingkong

Cynthia already has finished her health assistant education. Ze moved to Tinkong together with her little daughter from Kumasi, about 4 hours drive, to get this job. Both Cynthia and Judith are with Live Now Foundation for one year now and are enjoying their job.  

Everyday is full of suprises. A boy and a girl enter the the building and walk to the desk. The fell from their motorbike. Judith is shaving the wounded chin of the boy. He is gonna need some stiches. That's some work for doctor Mac. In the meantime Cynthia tries to call down the girl. She treats her superficial wounds, but it hurts the girl quite a bit. 

Judith and Cynthia are very fond of their job. It's getting all the more busy in the clinic. Every month more people find their way to the Live Now Clinic.Patients come from further and further away. And everybody who once found his way to Live Now Clinic, comes back to Live Now Clinic. The service is good, the personel is qualified and the equipment is better. Judith and Cynthia are looking forward to upgrade this health institute to becoming a real hospital, where patients also can stay nights. 

It's Cynthia's big wish to come to Holland sometimes, just to look how health care works in Holland. Of course this is just a dream. Most people in Ghana  have never left their country.