Live Now Clinic - the medical doctors

Live Now Clinic has two doctors. The work in shifts, two shifts a day. Six hours on, six hours off, from 7 in the morning until 1 and from 1 until 7 in the evening. Everyday of the week. Of course they need a little more time, because they have to share their experiences from their last shift, to hand over the cases. Although they don't work the same hours, they still have to work as a team. 

Doctor Mac - full name: MacJordan Adams - is a handsome young guy. He could have been a pop star. His collegue is a little bit different: and experienced elderly doctor, ever 60 years old. Mac is 31.
Mac is working at Live Now Clinic since 2015. He rented a house here in the village of Tinkong and lives there with his wife, who is a pharmacist, and his two children, 8 and 1 years old.

Mac is educated at the university of Accra. This education took him 7 years, in between also one year of internship and a year of 'housemanship'. 

clinic doctor2

Mac is walking in and out of his consulting room with great flair, chatting about the new intakes with the nurses that appear to be a little more shy en introvert. 

On the desk there is book in which everyday al the incoming clients a being written. Starting with number one every day. Nam, age, sex, village, complaint. It's written down in different columns.

The number of patienst of today is already over 60. The patients pass this intake desk before they take a seat in the waiting room. 
There is alway a group of waiting patients in the waiting room. You won't hear complaints from waiting clients in Africa. People are patient. There are two big screens on which the waiting patients can watch television.

One of the nurses enters Mac's consulting room. A litlle girl has been brought to the ward room. She has got a high fever. Mac pulls on his white doctor's coat over his orange Live Now-shirt, hangs the stethoscoop around his neck and follows the nurse to the ward room

In the female ward room the girl is lying on the bed, her eyes rolling. Her mother is drying her sweating forehead. ‘She’s got 39.4 degrees’, he gives her some medicine against the fever and immediately does some tests. He also calls the medical laborant, Beatrice, to the ward room. Of course its about malaria. Malaria is the case in at least 50 percent of the incoming patients with this kinds of complaints. And, like very often, suffering people wait far too long before coming to the clinic.
In this particular case there is a complication, because the girl also suffers from some kind of rheuma. "It’s gonna be allright”, Mac says.

clinic doctor3Mac takes of his doctor's coat and continues telling about his working practice here at Live Now Clinic, the people he works with everyday and how much work there is to do. There is a big emphasis on prevention: people could be so much healthier here if they just would take more precaution. 

Bad nutricion, using traditional treatments that you should avoid, with herbs and prayers, etc. Still the flee to 'old methods' before the go to a real doctor. This is really the area for 'medical outreach' activities. The clinic definately is in need of more capacities to do medical outreach. 

Mac would love to work together with doctors and nurses from the west. And he definately would love also to be able to exchanger: how do experts in Europe face the everyday problems? What could we learn from them and what could they learn from us? 

The Live Now Clinic is growing. Short before 7 in the evening, closing time, there is an emergency case. The 66th and 67th patient of today. Traditionally Friday is one of the busiest days because it's the market day in the neighbouring village. People come from far away and combine their doings. And visit a doctor. So you can already see how they often see the doctor in a rather late phase of their illness.

It's a boy of about 25 years old and a younger girl. All over the body of the boy there are bruises and wounds. They were on a motor bike and fell off. In most cases the drivers of motorbikes don't wear helmets, so they got lucky after all. 
The boy has got his chin totally open and bleeding. The nurses checks the wound. There is really a big hole. And it's dirty from the dusty road. 
The small treatment room all of a sudden is quite busy. The boy on a stretcher, the crying girl on a chair. She is responding with panic on the treatment with disinfectant. The boy is a little numbed and doesn't respond much. Mac puts on his mouth cap en instructs the two nurses about the cleaning treatments. The boy also needs to be shaved first. 
There is gonna be some stitching to do. This will take some extra time. Mac is working overtime today.