Live Now Clinic - the farmacy

Interview with Jerry, one of Live Now's pharmacists

When you enter the big hall of the Live Now Clinic, you’ll find the medical laboratory on the left and the pharmacy on the right. Behind the glass reception window you’ll find Jerry or Michael. They work in shifts. Jerry mostly in the afternoon, Michael at mornings, but they arrange it themselves on a daily basis.

Jerry is 34 and raised in the Eastern Region in a city called Nyanam, closer to Kumasi. In Kumasi, the Ashanti capital, he completed his farmacy education. He’s got a degree in pharmaceutical technics. To be a genuine phamacist, he still needs to upgrade his degree. This will take him another year and he’s doing this ‘on the job’. The same counts for Michael.
Jerry lived in Kumasi until he came to work in Tinkong.

apotheek 3Jerry heard about the job offer on the radio. Live Now Foundation was advertising on the radio. They were looking for two pharmacists for the clinic in Tinkong. Jerry immediately wrote a letter and got a call from Henry, the manager: would you like to come over for a first conversation?

Jerry is with Live Now Foundation ever since the opening of the clinic. Together with his wife and 2 year old daughter he moved to Tinkong village. He and his wife rented a house. Jerry’s wife is a ‘business woman’. She’s got her own ‘womens needs’ shop here in the village and also one in Koforidua town, half an hour from Tinkong.

“I think I’m a lucky bastard, having the opportunity to work and live here”, Jerry says. “So many other people went after this job! I got lucky and I thank God for that!”

The Live Now Clinic in many ways is far ahead of most of the other clinics, Jerry thinks. The way the team works together here, is really tremendous. Jerry thinks of Henry not only as his manager, but also as his ‘director’, “because he really directs me!”
Most medical descriptions are regular. Most people come here with the usual physical complaints. In many cases it’s about malaria.

apotheek 2In his own time Jerry, like many men in Ghana, likes to watch football. Jerry is a huge fan of Barcelona. “Even when Messi plays a bad game, I still like to watch his unpredictable actions.” To watch the most important matches Jerry travels to Koforidua; people meet each other in football bars in town, watch the match on a big screen.