Live Now Clinic - the records keeper

Interview with Mohammed, who registers the patients files

Mohammed is the ‘records keeper’ of the Live Now Clinic. He’s sharing this task with Abigail, working in 6 hours shifts every day. He is 25 years old and born and raised in Tinkong.

He is on this job for one year now, but working for Live Now Foundation ever since the opening of the clinic. The first years he used to work as a cleaner.

Mohammed told Henry he wanted to do more and because Henry, the manager, got a very good impression of him, he got the chance to move up in the organisation. He is very proud of his work, keeping all the patients records correct and up to date.

After finishing Senior Highschool, where he completed the business courses, Mohammed could not find a proper job. So that’s why he started as cleaner at Live Now Foundation. It is still Mohammed’s ambition to start his own business later in life. Mohammed is muslim and he’s got a place to worship in a separate small room here in the clinic building.
adm 3Mohammed’s mother lives in Accra. He himself lives with an uncle here in Tinkong. Up until now he didn’t find the time to look for a girlfriend. His father passed away last year, but was already way over 80 years old. His father had 3 wives and altogether had about 25 children. No, Mohammed does not know them all that well.

In the ‘Records’-room, Mohammed has a glass reception window that he can open to communicate with the patients that enter the clinic building. Behind him you find all the records neatly put away in big file cabinets. Mohammed can pick any record he wants in just a couple of seconds.  

When a new patient arrives, he gets a paper card, on which he is asked to fill in the personal details, including a reference number to his record. He has to take good care of this card and have it with him at upcoming visits to the clinic. 

This paper record is extra above the digital record that is being stored in the database in the computer. Behind the files cabinets there is a separate cabinet near the wall, where you can find the heart of the computer network.

The thing Mohammed likes the most about Live Now Clinic, is the relaxed atmosphere and the comradeship of all the employees. Everybody walks in and out of each others rooms for a little chat when there is time for that. Lots of time the people cluster around the intake bureau in the waiting room.
In his free time, Mohammed likes to play football.