GoGhana offers arrangements for volunteers and interns in Ghana and does this especially for the procts of Live Now Foundation. De practice of het development projects for which GoGhana stands and the contributions that volunteers and interns make have to be sustainable and this has to be obvious for everybody that is related tot the projects and the whole community of Tinkong.

Sustainability. What does it really mean?

Sustainability is important. But what does is really mean?

Here's a definition of sustainability. It's formulated by the World Commission on environment and Development of the United Nations in a report called “Our Common future”:
“Sustainable development is development subsequent to the needs of the present time without the possible effect of endangering future generations to service their needs."
In short, sustainability looks at the present needs of the people on earth and focuses on how it could best develop towards the future without endangering people, environment and economy.

Sustainability related to GoGhana's mission:

To contribute to the power of the people of Tinkong to have a bettter life, to be able to take better care of themselves, with better opportunities to make a living and stay healthy.

For GoGhana: improve education and health care.

We define six different aspects to describe the vision and mission of GoGhana, especially aiming at the role and tasks of volunteers and interns. How could they contribute best? Click on each of those aspects to read more.

  • Prepare before you go!

    All volunteers and interns that come to Tinkong will get detailed advice and mental preparations before they leave their home country. The cultural differences that volunteers are about to face can be huge. How to deal with poverty, expectations management, we think it's all very important and all to easy to neglect. Volunteers need to know they are nog gonna change the world and they need to know about risks, have a realistic perspective.
    To join the training weekend is compulsary! This training weekend is included in your arrangement, include mails and hostel. More information about this on the pages 'Conditions' and 'Costs'.
    Live Now Kliniek
  • Stay in hostfamily or Live Now guesthouse

    The undergo the ultimate Africa experience it is by far the best to live with a typical Ghanian family. GoGhana can make that possible for volunteers and interns and wants to stimulate this opportunity. But besides this GoGhana has its own guesthouse. So this is also a possibility. And, of course, it's also possible to combine these possibilities.
    Live the real life in Africa and join a Ghanian family! Dames in het veld
  • Make yourself profitable with your expertise, but profit youself!

    When you stay in Ghana for some time in your life, the most important aspect of your being there is: exchange. Volunteers and interns are not the people that should be the mains teachers or instructors of the Ghanian people. That would turn out to enlarge undesirable dependancies. The main focus is sharing; being who you are and get more understanding of eachother, over the boundaries of different cultures. Togetherness. Before leaving, we discuss about your ambitions and learning goals. When you come back, we want to share (evaluate) your experiences.
    GoGhana focuses on mutual learning and sharing, cooperating with respect for all cultures. In the cognitive sense this can make room for the exchange of western knowlegde, but on the personal level the growth can be found on both sides equally. Tinkong - vergadering bij de chief
  • Volunteer management

    The local manager of GoGhana / Live Now Foundation, or in some cases another local staff member, communicates on a daily basis with volunteers and interns, as well as on the field of the work they do as on the personal level, about wellbeing, the host family and everything else.
    GoGhana pays much attention to accompanying the volunteers and interns during their stay in Tinkong; helping them before, during and after work. Live Now terrein
  • GoGhana's ultimate transparancy about costs of volunteering

    GoGhana is most explicit about the way the money that the volunteers and interns pay is spent. All volunteers have explicit knowledge about what they have paid for. There is need to gain some income for the work that is been done to make the projects real for volunteers. That counts for before and after your project, so work that needs to be done in Holland (or elsewhere) and also druing your project. So this is about project coordination in Tinkong. Besides that your money is spend on food and lodging with a host family or in our guesthouse. There is also a little bit of your spending left for project investments.
    GoGhana / Live Now Foundation is based on the principles of social entrepreneuring. Workers involved get paid for there contribution. Read more about this on the pages about 'Costs' en 'Conditions'. Wachtkamer Live Now Kliniek
  • Evaluation at the end of your project

    At the end of their stay every volunteer and intern has a final conversation with the local coordinator. Apart from this all volunteers and interns have a final meeting with the volunteer coordinator in Holland. The purpose of these conversations and meetings is that GoGhana / Live Now Foundation wants to learn from the experiences of the volunteers. We definately would like to share experiences of previous volunteers with the upcoming volunteers.
    GoGhana wants to grow by learning. Volunteers are the best sources of intercultural learning. Learning by doing. Learning by reflecting. Ghanees dorpje