About GoGhana

What is the story about the start of GoGhana?

Sustainable development by GoGhana in a small village in Ghana

After an enerving time volunteering in Ghana the Dutch entrepreneur Albert van Beek started investing in his own projects in Tinkong. Working as a volunteer convinced him, he could do much better starting his own project in stead of participaging (as a volunteer) in projects that are nog sustainable at all and are just being build up for the volunteers and not for the people in the country. He was impressed by the poverty and the lack of proper education in the small community of Tinkong: lots of unemployment, low facillities for health care and education, lack of good infrastructure, etc.

His major thought was: we can develop something good here and right from the start focus on the power of the community. Doing it like this we can achieve real development of the community and, in the near future, hand over the results of the project to local people that can move on and can be community leaders themselves.

Albert van Beek founded Live Now Foundation. GoGhana is the umbrella project for the Live Now Foundation projects, focused on intermediation between the international volunteers and the interns of the future and the Live Now staff to create good arrangements for contribution.

GoGhana - Live Now Foundation - film introduction (May 2017)

Filmclip: 'The Orange Village Development Initiative'

2012-2013 Building of Clinic and Volunteershouse in Tinkong

In 2012 and 2013 the buildings of the clinic and the volunteers home have been built

2012-2013 Kliniek en Vrijwilligershuis gebouwd in Tinkong

On our own 6 hectare plot of land we started building our volunteers guesthouse in 2012. Our local manager, Henry Dekyem, is also living in this volunteers house.
Immediately after building this guesthouse, we started building the Live Now Clinic. This well equiped clinic for day care has opened its doors in 2013 and offers jobs to about 30 employees,
Everyday about 50 to 70 patienten enter our clinic for all kinds of medical purposes. You can read more about the ongoings in het clinic on the page called 'Projects'.

In Tinkong we have 6 school. Most of them kindergarten and primary school, but some also Junior High School (the first years of high school eduation). We work together with all Tinkong schools. Volunteers can assist the teachers at the school and/or give individual attention to children that are in need of something extra. Also sport and group activitities can gain much from contributions from volunteers. We make sure that volunteers never replace local teachers!

2016 Opening of the private mortuary in Tinkong

In 2016 Live Now Foundation has built and opened its own private mortuary

2016 Eigen mortuarium geopend in Tinkong

In November 2016 Live Now Foundation has opened its own private mortuary. In this part of (christian) Ghana it is tradition that deceased family members are buried only after 3 to 10 months √°fter the day they died. Funeral are amongst the biggest celebrations in Ghana. People celebrate 'life' at funeral occasions. And the celebrations take at least two days.

In the governmental mortuaria the bodies are being preserved in terrible conditions. Our mortuary is clean, hygienic and we treat the bodies with much more respect than in the governmental mortuaria. And we don't even ask for more money than the governmental mortuaria do. The profits from our mortuary are being used for further project developments of Live Now Foundation.  

The Live Now terrain is a vast piece of land that offers possibilities also for farming. Our farming projects are still 'under construction'. We would also like to do more gardening surrounding the building on our plot. We definately need assistance form volunteer also on the field of work.

The future of Live Now Foundation in Tinkong

What does Live Now Foundation want to achieve in the future?

Live Now Foundation has broadened it's activities over the year and has big plans for future years development.

In 2019 the Live Now Clinic opened up it's maternity department.
In 2018 we started building our own school and so by the end of 2019 we were able to start the 'Live Now IT learning center'.
All children from the schools in Tinkong spend some hours every week on improvement of computer skills.
We also started a small microfinance project early 2020.

The big plot of land of Live Now Foundation in Tinkong s already called 'the orange village' because of the orange roofs of our buildings.

During the next 5 years Live Now Foundations will invest in further developments for community development, health care and education. After those years we hope we can hand over the facilities to local management that can still use collabaration with and contributions from volunteers and interns, and other expertise, form Holland en other countries.