Together with our donors and volunteers we try to improve the living standards of the less priviliged people in Tinkong, Ghana.

GoGhana is based in Tinkong, about 60 kilometers north of Accra, on the road from Accra to Koforidua, the regional capital. Together with the community of Tinkong GoGhana / Live Now Foundation develops projects to improve the life of the people in the village and its surroundings.

At the basis of GoGhana is the Live Now Foundation. Live Now Foundation is founded in 2010 and started its project developments in Tinkong. in 2013 Live Now Foundation opened the Live Now Clinic for daycare. In 2016 the Live Now Mortuary opened its doors. GoGhana supports the six schools in Tinkong and plans to build a school for vocational education and training next year. In 2019 the Live Now IT Learning Center was built. All children in Tinkong get addidtional IT education in the center.

GoGhana offers great opportunities for volunteers and interns from Europe to contribute to the community projects in Tinkong. With GoGhana you pay fair prices for contributing to sustainable projects.

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  • Vision / Mission
  • Vision / Mission

    GoGhana offers arrangements for volunteers and interns in Ghana and, more specific, with the projects of Live Now Foundation. The practice of development that Ghana is facing, as also the impact of the work of volunteers and interns, has to be sustainable. For the community of Tinkong, the environment of Live Now Foundation, this has to be clear and obvious.

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Albert since 2008 in Ghana

"After an intensive period in which he worked as a volunteer in Ghana, the Dutch entrepreneur Albert van Beek started to invest in his own project in Tinkong. Although he found out his volunteering job was not sustainable at all, he was convinced of the use and need for sustainable development in this little and underdeveloped village. There is a great lack of jobs, poor education facilities, hardly any health care and a bad infrastructure." 

Albert van Beek

Initiatiefnemer GoGhana

albert vanbeek

  • Henry Dekyem
  • Henry Dekyem

    Henry Dekyem

    I am the manager of Live Now Foundation in Ghana since 2010. By then I was still busy with my education at the University of Cape Coast. Originally I planned to be a marketeer. Now I have a post graduate diploma in business administration, certified for NGO Management. Ik was born in Akim Oda in the Eastern Ghana Region, a town not far from Koforidua, but most of my living years I've spent in Koforidua.

    Henry Dekyem

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